BLUETTI AC240P Portable Power Station | 2,400W 1,843Wh

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BLUETTI AC240P Portable Power Station | 2,400W 1,843Wh

Product Information:

Power On, Rain or Shine.

The outdoor-friendly build and IP65 water and dust-resistance ensure resilience against rain, mud, dust, and salt corrosion. Coupled with optimal ventilation to protect the internal components, the AC240 is your go-anywhere, do-anything power pal!

More Than Manufacturing - Revolution

BLUETTI AC240: Where Design and Innovation Fuse for Technological Breakthroughs.

Powering Your RV & Yacht.

Ahoy there! You've got the AC240 as the no-pay first mate. The exclusive RV port of the AC240 ensures your RV life and voyage is powered up and ready for anything. Whether you're navigating the high seas or driving into the unknown wilderness, it's reliable enough to keep your adventures smooth from start to finish, no matter how choppy the waters or how dusty the roads.

Power Lifting Mode.

Prepare to be wowed by the AC240's exceptional output power. It effortlessly handles 99% appliances with a robust 2,400W rated output. But wait, there's more! Activate the lifing power for up to 3,600W, then running power-hungry devices is a breeze! Time to ditch your gasoline generator, because the AC240 is always at the ready for all scenarios.

Powering is More Like Playing with LEGO.

Well, with the AC240's modular design, it practically is! Stack up B210 expansion batteries and watch your power options multiply. Not surprisingly, your every energy need will be taken good care of.Note: The B210 expansion battery is IP65 water-resistant and a standalone power source with USB-C and USB-A ports.

Charge Up Anywhere, in Anyway You Like.

Tired of the hustle to charge your power station? Say goodbye to the hassle! With the AC240, you're in control. Whether you're basking in the sun's energy with solar panels, plugging into a wall outlet, staying juiced on the move with a car charger, or even tapping into a lead-acid battery or shore power, the AC240 ensures you're always powered up and good to go.Note: Extra cables are required for Turbo Charging (sold separately in BLUETTI).Shore power charging: An extra adapter cable is required. How to connect: shore power outlet → adapter cable → charging inlet of AC240.

BLUETTI AC240P Portable Power Station | 2,400W 1,843Wh

1,843Wh (51.2V, 30Ah)
IP Rating:
LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Life Cycles:
3,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity(Silent Mode)
Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months
Management System:
MPPT Controller, BMS, etc
AC Outlets:

4 X 230V/11A Outlets
2,400W In Total
Inverter Type:
Pure Sine Wave
Power lifting Mode:
USB-C Port:
2 x 100W Max.
USB-A Port:
2 x 18W USB-A
RV Port:
12VDC/30A, 360W Max.
Cigarette Lighter Port:
1 x 12V/10A
*All Regulated.
AC Input:
2,200W Max.(Pair with B210 for 2,400W Max.)
Solar Input:
1,200W Max., 11V-60VDC, 21A
Car Input:
12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Max Input:
2,400W, with AC + Solar Input
AC charging:
0-80% in 50 min 2,200W Max.
(Pair with B210 for 2,400W Max.)
Solar (1,200W):
0-100% in 2 Hours 1,200W (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W):
≈0-100% 15 Hours (12V)
0-100% 8 Hours (24V)
Expandable w/ Up to 4 x B210
Pass-through Charging:
33kg / 72lbs
Dimensions (L x W x D):
419.5 × 293.5 × 409.5mm / 16.5 × 11.6 × 16.1in
Operating Temperature:
-4℉-104℉ (-20℃-40℃)
Storage Temperature:
14℉-113℉ (-10℃-45℃)
6 Years
*Specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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