MB130-12 Motobatt 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery (Pick up price only)

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Motobatt Deep Cycle Batteries offer the largest Amp Hour capacity per case size in the Industry today. AGM Maintenance Free valve regulated (VLRA) construction make Motobatt the definitive choice for the discerning buyer. Extremely clean and able to be charged without the danger of spillages and heavy gassing our batteries are perfect for inside charging and usage. With Motobatts unique construction techniques we have been able to develop industry leading reserve power capable of multiple charge cycles.


Battery Type MB130-12 (Superceeded from MB120-12)
Voltage 12
Rated Capacity (20HR) 130
Dimensions (in / mm) Total Height Including Terminals: 220mm (8.66") L:12.99 (330) W:6.73 (171) H:8.66 (220)
Weight 34.5KG (76.04 lbs)
Capacity 77F (25C)
20 Hour Rate (6.5A to 10.5 Volts) 130AH
10Hour Rate (12.5A to 10.5 Volts) 125AH
5 Hour Rate (21.2A to 10.5 Volts) 100AH
Reserve Capacity @25Amps 258 Minutes
Reserve Capacity @75Amps 68 Minutes
Internal Resistance (Fully Charged) 3.5 Ohms
Capacity Affected by temperature (20HR) 104F (40C) 102% 77F (25C) 100% 32F (0C) 85% 5F (-15C) 65%
Self Discharge 77F (25C) 3 Months 91% 6 Months 82% 12 Months 65%
Max Discharge Current 77F (25C) 1000A (5S)
Terminal M8 (With TP08 Brass AP and Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts Included)

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