RedEarth Energy Storage Troppo LFP 4841 BATTERIES

Redearth Troppo: RE1TROPPO 4.1kWh (Unintregrated)
Sale price$3,266.00


SPECIFICATIONS • High efficiency >96% • Compatible with AC and DC coupled systems • High temperature protection • Low temperature protection • Overcharge protection RedEarth tries to make things as easy as possible for its customers, and our Australia-wide network of partners are experts on our systems—they can do the groundwork for you, and supply solar panels, hardware, cabling, mounting equipment, and any electronics you may need. Need panels? No worries. Weight 42.5kg   per battery THE FIRST AUSTRALIAN-MADE AND OWNED BATTERY APPROVED AND LISTED BY THE CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL. H 88mm Nominal capacity 4.1kWh/79.8Ah Nominal DC voltage 51.2V Maximum discharge current 63A (limited by circuit breaker) Maximum charge current 63A (limited by circuit breaker) Maximum power of discharge (kW) Approx 3kW Projected MWh delivered over battery lifetime 10.2MWh at 80% DoD Battery mounting options Standard 19” rack + horizontal, vertical, or on either side

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